egg and cress mayo on toast

Egg & Cress Open Sandwich with English Mustard

This recipe is super quick, super healthy and down right delicious! Simply the best egg mayo on the planet, packed with flavour!

This egg mayo recipe with the power of the English mustard really packs a punch, if you’re not a big mustard fan then go easy on it as it’s easy to overpower the flavour of the egg, should you use too much. I would have preferred to use a more rustic bread such as ciabatta, but it works great on any thick cut bread.

That being said this is hands down the best egg mayo I have ever tasted, the sharp heat of the mustard is perfect accompanying the fresh flavour from the cress, and the slightly soft yolk also mixes excellently with the rest of the mixture.

The Method

1. Place your eggs in cold salted water, bring to the boil and simmer for 6 minutes from the boiling point. Once finished place into ice cold water, peel and roughly chop into chunks.

2. Mix three tbsp’s of light mayonnaise with half a tsp of English mustard together in a bowl.

3. Place the chopped egg into the mayo and mustard mix, season with salt & pepper and add most of the freshly cut cress. Mix together until all the egg has an even coating.

4. In the meantime toast your favourite bread, i’m using a malted loaf however, this would work great on a ciabatta or something more rustic.

5. Plate up and sprinkle some cress on top for some extra colour. Tuck in & enjoy.

Shopping List (2 servings)

  • Large eggs x 3
  • English mustard
  • Light mayonnaise
  • Fresh salad cress
  • Salt & pepper
  • Your favourite bread (toasted)

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