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Vegetarian Wholemeal Cheese, Tomato & Egg Quesadillas

Vegetarian wholemeal quesadillas… quite a mouthful.

This is an adaption of a recipe with basically what I had lying around and it was probably one of the best quesadillas I’ve tasted. This dish is also vegetarian which is ace, as well as being a perfect lunch or dinner plate.

The fried tomato, onion & pepper is brought together with some harissa paste, which has a surprisingly refreshing taste, whilst packing the dish full of those classic, Mexican style flavours that we all love. After using this for the first time I think my house is going to be seeing a lot more of these flavours, absolutely delicious!

The Method

1. Chop your spring onion, quarter the tomatoes and finely slice the peppers, throw them into a pan with some olive or chilli oil and fry on a medium to high heat until the moisture starts boiling out of the tomatoes. Then add 2 teaspoons of harissa paste and fry for a further 2 minutes then set aside in a bowl.

2. In the meantime, beat three eggs into a scramble, add salt and pepper along with your crème fraîche, add to the pan with a little more oil on a medium heat, stirring continuously until you get the eggs to your desired texture and set aside.

3. Heat a griddle pan on a medium to high heat, add your tortilla base, then layer your veg base, eggs, cheese and a sprinkle of coriander and ground cumin, then cook for 4 minutes. Flip the quesadilla if you have a big enough spatula, or alternatively grill it on a medium heat for a further 3 minutes.

4. Transfer to a chopping board, slice with a pizza cutter and serve on a plate with more coriander, a quarter of squeezed lime and some seasoning. Tuck in & enjoy.

Shopping List (2 servings)

  • Eggs x 3
  • Crème fraîche (1 tablespoon)
  • Mature cheddar
  • Tortillas
  • Spring onion x 4
  • Half a lime
  • Cherry tomatoes x 12
  • Coriander
  • Harissa Paste
  • Cumin

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